My mission is to provide quality real estate photography in addition to a quick turnaround.  I was a real estate agent for 40 years in Florida and Georgia and understand how important it is. I strive to have photos completed in less than twenty-four hours and often that same day depending my schedule.

We recently relocated to Fernandina Beach. 

My background:

My interest in photography began when I received my first Brownie Hawkeye camera at the age of 7

My dad was a great photographer and he wanted to teach me composition skills as well as darkroom technique.  My mother would be furious to find us in the darkroom working on photos on school nights past midnight even on school nights.

I was a sales agent for residential, new homes and commercial property. I was also a sales manager for many offices.

Upon retirement I rekindled my love of photography. A top producing agent in Atlanta contacted me in desperate  need of a photographer that afternoon for a tough client. Her regular photographer was out of town. I jumped at the opportunity and have been photographing real estate, and events for over four years.  Including becoming that agents primary photographer. She continued to refer me to many other agents and my business grew quickly. I routinely photographed three to four properties each day and developed a reputation for quality and fast turnaround.

My wife, Janet is also a photographer and we have traveled the world and have sold many of our her landscape photos. We work together as a team photographing  events and large real estate projects.